20 Wines under $20 at the Big White Beer & Wine Store

Posted On: December 12, 2019 |
You don’t need to spend your life savings on a bottle of wine to enjoy the flavours of the Okanagan! The Big White Beer & Wine Store has curated a list of 20 bottles of red, white and sparkling wine under $20 that will not disappoint – and won’t break the bank!

1. Wayne Gretzky Pinot Grigio
Price: $15.38 
Tasting Notes: Green apple and citrus
Pairs With: Steamed mussels, sushi, grilled shrimp, roasted chicken, light pasta salads
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2. Wayne Gretzky Cabernet Franc/Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $17.07
Tasting Notes:  Bright raspberry and cherry with a hint of pepper
Pairs with:  Gourmet burgers, lamb or beef kebabs, grilled Portobello mushrooms
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3. Gray Monk Latitude 50 White
Price: $15.58 
Tasting Notes: Peach, melon, red apple, floral and a touch of tropical fruit
Pairs With: Salads, poultry, light meat dishes
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4. Gray Monk Latitude 50 Red
Price: $16.20 
Tasting Notes: Black cherry, raspberry, pepper and spice
Pairs With: Beef, barbeques, pastas, pizza
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5. Conviction White
Price: $14.34
Tasting Notes: Pear, tangerine, melon, floral and spice
Pairs With: Roast pork, chicken, ham, seafood
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6. Conviction Rustic Red
Price: $17.09 
Tasting Notes: Red and black berries, plum and cherry
Pairs With: Grilled steaks and mushrooms, lasagna, lamb chops
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7. Evolve Cellars Sauvignon Blanc
Price: $18.69
Tasting Notes: Stone fruit, floral notes, honey, citrus and peach
Pairs With: Seafood, crab cakes, Asian cuisine (think red curry), sweet and spicy dishes
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8. Evolve Cellars Shiraz
Price: $18.69 
Tasting Notes: Blackberry jam, blueberry and gentle toasted oak
Pairs With: Soft cheeses, peppery rubs
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9. Evolve Cellars Pink Effervescence Sparkling Wine
Price: $19.90
Tasting Notes: Ripe peach and rich berry with a refreshing finish
Pairs With: Chilled or grilled shrimp, oysters, summer salads, potato chips
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10. Wayne Gretzky Oak Aged Chardonnay (with Cask Whiskey Mini!)
Price: $18.49 
Tasting Notes: Tropical fruit, pear and delicate spice
Pairs With: Pasta, Chicken, Turkey, Pork or Veal in Cream Sauce with Mushrooms, Lobster, Salmon
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11. Wayne Gretzky Oak Aged Cask Red
Price: $19.72
Tasting Notes: Dark berries, vanilla and a subtle smokiness
Pairs With: Aged cheddar and gouda cheeses, seared red meats,  pot roast, lamb, stew
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12. Diabolica White
Price: $13.99
Tasting Notes: Pineapples, melons or spring flowers
Pairs With: Green salad, pan-seared fish, quinoa
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13. Diabolica Red
Price: $18.57
Tasting Notes: Cherry, raspberry and vanilla
Pairs With: Pizza, grilled steak, spicy foods, tomato sauce
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14. Red Rooster Riesling
Price: $16.58
Tasting Notes: Exotic spice, fleshy fruit and sweet citrus 
Pairs With: Fish and chips, crab cakes, light summer salads
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15. Red Rooster Pinot Gris
Price: $19.73 
Tasting Notes: Peach, melon and a hint of spice
Pairs With: Pan-fried fish, seared scallops, roast chicken, poached salmon
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16. Gold Hill Chardonnay
Price: $16.92
Tasting Notes: Apple and white peach
Pairs With: Green salads with vinaigrette, poultry or fish
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17. Raven Conspiracy White
Price: $18.23 
Tasting Notes: Mandarin orange, juicy pear and melon
Pairs With: Red onion tart tatin, grilled fish, lightly spiced poultry
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18. Raven Conspiracy Red
Price: $18.23 
Tasting Notes: Baked plum, blueberry, black cherry, vanilla scented tobacco and baking spice
Pairs With: Rosemary and garlic lamb chops, saucy barbecued ribs
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19. Fitzpatrick Fume Noir Mulled Wine
Price: $16.72
Tasting Notes: Black cherry, spice and a hint of smoke
Pairs With: Dark chocolate, gourmet popcorn or a classic fondue
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20. Fitzpatrick Runabout White 
Price: $18.34 
Tasting Notes: Crisp apple, pineapple and lychee 
Pairs With: Hot wings, mussels, clams, south Asian flavours
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*Prices do not include tax or bottle deposit

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