10 Canadianisms Every Traveller Should Know

Posted On: April 11, 2019 |
We know it can be overwhelming tackling a new language when you’re travelling. Luckily for the English speakers that visit Big White Ski Resort, this isn’t much of a hurdle – but, like everywhere else, Canadians have a unique way of speaking that, at times, can cause quite the kerfuffle (problem). So, for all you keeners (brown-nosers) out there looking to make your transition from tourist to full-blown Canuck (Canadian) more seamless, we’ve translated a list of Canadianisms for you to use on your next visit to Big White.


Eh? - You agree?
In a sentence: That’s some good powder out (pronounced “oot”) there, eh?

Hoser - An unsophisticated person
In a sentence: I was out at Snowshoe Sam’s last night and there was a bunch of hosers hogging the pool table the entire time I was there.

Toque - Beanie
In a sentence: It’s a bit nippy out – better throw on a toque and mitts!

Double Double – Coffee with two creams and two sugars
In a sentence: I’ll have a double double, a Nanaimo bar (delicious Canadian cookie) and a glass of water, please.

Loonies and Toonies - One and two dollar coins
In a sentence: If I leave a couple of loonies and toonies on this twenty dollar lunch bill, that should be a good enough tip, eh?

Chip Wagon - Food truck
In a sentence: I just tried a BeaverTail (Canadian pastry) from the chip wagon at Gem Lake, and boy, was it tasty.

Canadian Tuxedo - Denim on denim outfit
In a sentence: I want to look nice tonight for our romantic dinner at the Kettle Valley Steakhouse, so I best be putting on my fanciest Canadian tuxedo. 

Hang a Roger, Hang a Larry - Turn right, turn left
In a sentence: Once you ski into the Village off Easy Street, hang a Roger and you’ll be at The Woods’ outdoor patio.

Two-Four - 24 case of beer
In a sentence: Don’t forget to pick up a two-four at The Big White Beer & Wine Store for our hot tub session later!

Molson Muscle - Beer belly
In a sentence: I’m headed out to Sessions Taphouse & Grill to give my Molson Muscle a workout.

Now that you have this handy dictionary at your disposal, test out some of the words on your next trip to Big White. And, for those of you who think you have a good grasp of what it means to talk Canuck, try your hand at deciphering our Australia Day video without looking at the subtitles!


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