Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals Always Looking for Ways to Reduce Footprint

Posted On: August 20, 2019 |
Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals is another locally owned business on the mountain leading the way in reducing environmental impact at its properties. 

“We are always searching for options to further reduce our environmental footprints,” owner Sean Richardson says. 

The company, which has been renting vacation properties at Big White for the past 13 years, is in the process of replacing all the lights in its rentals to LED. Plus, all of the items that can be recycled in the units are recycled – from plastics to paper, electronics and appliances, light bulbs, batteries, and furniture.


LMV Rentals does not use any single-use disposables such as soap, shampoo and body wash containers. Its linen program exchanges sheets and linens every seven days – however, guests can do laundry at any time in unit with eco friendly cold-water detergent. And, those linens, when they’ve had their use, are donated to a local vet clinic. The business is also moving to a reusable eco-friendly fabric softener PurEcosheet Reusable Dryer sheets – which is a Canadian company.

“These initiatives reduce the environmental impact of the rental units and their operation over the season,” Richardson says, adding he is excited about the prospect of eventually transitioning to electric vehicles for his business operations.

To book your stay with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals, click here.

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