Celebrating Weninger Construction's Award-Winning Achievements at Big White

Posted On: February 20, 2024 |
Big White Ski Resort is thrilled to share the exciting news that Weninger Construction & Design Ltd. (WCD) has been announced as a finalist in four prestigious categories at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence.

This remarkable achievement means WCD has already secured Silver Awards in these categories, with the potential to elevate to Gold during the award ceremony on March 2nd.

The categories spotlighting Weninger Construction’s exceptional work include:

  • Excellence in Kitchen Design (New Home) - $100,000 & Over
  • Excellence in Creating an Interior Feature - for a staircase feature
  • Excellence in Single Family Detached Home $2 Million - $3 Million
  • Home of the Year Award

WCD is a family-owned builder and designer renowned for its award-winning projects in the Okanagan Valley since 1989. From custom builds to comprehensive developments, their commitment to quality and service shines through. Together with Cobalt Design, they offer a seamless design and construction process, bringing clients’ visions to life with innovation and excellence.

The Weninger legacy began with Marlin and Ron Weninger, rooted in a deep construction lineage. Their pioneering work at Big White Ski Resort and beyond—including the award-winning Grizzly Lodge and the environmentally conscious Kenneth Park—demonstrates their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Wininger construction
Chalet at the top of Feathertop, in the running for Home of the Year 2024.
Weninger construction
The Bearfoot Lodge won three awards in 2017 for its luxury renovations by WCD
Wininger construction
Grizzly Lodge, a 22-unit ski lodge adjacent to the Gondola, completed in 2000


Hailing from a lineage steeped in construction, Marlin Weninger was tutored in the craft by his father, Ron. Together, they laid the foundation for WCD in 1989, blending Marlin's innovative design talents with Ron's reputable construction legacy. The familial baton has since been passed to Marlin, alongside his wife Pauline and their children Shauna, Robyn, and Josette, who actively perpetuate the family’s construction heritage. Notably, Shauna and Robyn's education at Big White Community School during their family’s residence on the hill for construction projects underscores the Weninger family’s deep-rooted connection to Big White.

Weninger construction
Marlin reviewing plans with Site Superintendent, Ethan Whittla
Wininger construction
Weninger family’s (Marlin, Pauline, Shauna, and Robyn) Big White season passes from 1991
Weninger construction
Marlin's parents and Weninger Construction & Design cofounders Ron and Elfrieda, in the interior of Hahnenkamm, the first chalet WCD built at Big White in Snow Pines in 1991.


The family's fervour for skiing catalyzed WCD’s engagement with Big White Ski Resort in 1991, recognizing its untapped promise. They swiftly emerged as pioneering builders within the area, erecting the first luxury ski chalet in Snow Pine Estates. Over the following decade, Weninger Construction was instrumental in shaping the subdivision with its signature custom chalets, contributing to the character and charm of Snow Pine Estates. Their commitment to excellence continued as they crafted the celebrated Grizzly Lodge, a 22-unit ski lodge adjacent to the Gondola that stands as a testament to their craftsmanship. Furthermore, their contributions extended to the esteemed Feathertop Estates, where they constructed several notable chalets, further cementing WCD’s legacy within the prestigious Big White community.

Weninger construction
Marlin and Pauline, in 2017, received 3 Gold awards for Bearfoot Lodge’s luxury renovations at Big White

As we eagerly await the results on March 2nd at the Delta Grand in Kelowna, Big White Ski Resort celebrates Weninger Construction's dedication and craftsmanship. Their history of success, including the recent Home of the Year award for Snowpeaks Lodge in 2020, and additional awards at Big White in 2011, 2017, 2019, and 2021, underlines the impact of their work in the Okanagan Valley and beyond.

Stay tuned as we cheer for WCD., hoping to see their Silver Awards turn to Gold at the Canadian Home Builders' Association Okanagan Housing Awards, marking another milestone in their storied legacy of building dreams into reality.


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