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Tips to Help You Stay Warm on the Slopes

January 11, 2024

As temperatures dip below our daytime average of -5°C, Big White Ski Resort wants to remind skiers, snowboarders and visitors about the importance of following certain precautions to stay warm, stay safe and keep having fun out on the slopes.

Off Season Mountain Safety

April 13, 2023

Big White Ski Resort is closed for the winter season, and we look forward to welcoming guests on the mountain, June 29, 2023.

Tree Well Safety – Prevention & Recovery

January 26, 2023

A tree well is a hole or depression that forms around the base of a coniferous (pine) tree. The holes are formed when low branches stop the snow from compacting and settling around the trunk. The hole is hidden from view by the other branches on the tree. There is no easy way to identify if a particular tree has a dangerous tree well by sight, due to the fact that the low lying branches block sight of the hole. Therefore, treat any tree you cannot see the base of as a potentially dangerous tree well situation.

A Notice About Terrain Choice from Big White Ski Patrol

December 30, 2021

Recently Big White Patrol has noticed an increase in high risk decisions from our guests in regards to terrain choices at the end of the operational day.

Driving Your Electric Vehicle to Big White Ski Resort

November 25, 2021

As the popularity for electric vehicles in British Columbia climbs (in 2020, almost 10% of car sales were electric!), Big White Ski Resort wants to remind its guests to plug in before zooming up Big White Road.

Winter Mask Protocols – A Message from our President

March 22, 2021

Firstly, I wanted to say that this policy may be subject to change due to recommendations and best practices within the industry and as mandated by local, provincial and federal government bodies.

Brrr... It's Cold Out! Where To Go To Warm Up At Big White

February 09, 2021

Time to bundle up! We're in a cold snap up here at Big White Ski Resort, with temperatures dipping below -30C with wind chill in the alpine. Remember to dress in layers, pack extra masks – they get wet and freeze – and be aware of signs of frostbite. There are plenty of place to thaw those fingers and toes, but please be respectful of the COVID-19 safety protocols in our day lodges and buildings.

Stretch it Out with a Pro – Ski & Snowboard Warm-Up & Stretches

January 27, 2021

While soaking your sore body in a hot tub after a long day of pushing pow is nice... it's not always what your muscles and joints need. We caught up with Michelle Smith, owner of Big White Mountain Fitness and a BCRPA Certified Fitness Trainer, to compile a list of warm ups and stretches designed specifically for snowboarders and skiers.

Big White’s Community Policing Office Celebrates 20 Years

January 14, 2020

"It is more blessed to give than to receive.” That’s what Big White resident Wayne Lyseng says of his 20 years volunteering with Big White’s Community Policing Office. “The community has been very good for us, and to us.”

The Alpine Responsibility Code Quiz

January 25, 2017

You’ve seen it on posters, you’ve seen it on stickers - and no doubt a chairlift tower or two - so just what is The Alpine Responsibility Code?

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