Repairs & Tuning

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The Big White Repair Shop can look after all of your tuning, repair and calibration requirements. At Big White we have invested in state-of-the-art technology which enables our experienced technicians to tune your equipment to your exact specifications. Your personal tune can be programmed in to our Wintersteiger Mercury so there is no guess work involved. The same world class results, guaranteed, every time. Try it today.

A question for you: Do you know how important your ski bindings are, what they do, and how often you should have them inspected and/or adjusted?

Your bindings must be set to an international standard known as DIN which requires very specific calculations based on your personal height, weight, age, ski boot sole length and skier ability level. Having your bindings set correctly ensures that you and your skis will remain connected unless you have a crash at which time they need to release to minimize harm to you. Bindings don’t last forever. There is a list of indemnified bindings published annually and once a binding model is no longer on this list it is considered unsafe to use. Our Wintersteiger Speedtronic Calibrator is itself calibrated yearly to make certain that it is accurate. Don’t find out the hard way - have your bindings inspected and calibrated annually.

The Big White Repair Shop is located on the lower floor of the Village Centre Mall building.

Repair Shop Operating Hours

From early November the Repair Shop will be open most weekdays for pre-season mounts, calibrations, tunes by appointment only until we open for the winter season. Please email to book an appointment.


Wintersteiger Ski & Board Tuning

Wintersteiger Mercury Ski Tuning Machine 

Big White has taken equipment tuning to the next level with the addition of a state-of-the-art $300,000 Wintersteiger Mercury. This robot is the only one of its kind in the Okanagan Valley.


Maintain Your Equipment with Wintersteiger Mercury Ski Tuning Machine!

Specialty skis require precision maintenance, today's equipment has specific tolerances including; edge bevels, base structures & edge finishes that are designed to increase the performance and ride-ability of our guest’s equipment. Learning to ski will come easier to customers due to consistent precision tuning of our rental fleet which will be exclusively maintained by the Wintersteiger Mercury robot.

Benefits to Customers:

  • Enhanced speed of service
  • Improved consistency in tuning of ski equipment
  • Custom Tuning – get your equipment just the way you like it
  • Race Tuning – get a competitive edge with equipment tuned specially for racing

Big White Ski Resort’s investment in the most current robotic technology will ensure that your enjoyment on the snow is consistent with its reputation as Canada’s Favourite Family Resort!

To see how The Wintersteiger really works, check this out!


How to Get There

  • Located in the lower level of the Village Centre Mall


Contact Us:  

Direct: 250-491-6120

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