Pinkbike Academy Season 3 – Meet the Contestants

Posted On: December 22, 2022 |
We’ve seen them on the screen (and seen some of them get sent home – no spoilers here!), but let’s get to know our Pinkbike Academy Season 3 contestants a bit better.

Who will be the one to take home a pro contract with Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize?

Max Grayston

Age: 29
Country: Canada

This Whistler local has a motocross background that definitely crosses over in his approach to mountain biking. “I applied for season 1 and got rejected, same thing with season 2, so I thought, how can you give up on something if you can’t go a day without thinking about it? That means to me just about being persistent and a positive outcome will happen.”


Amanda Hamilton

Age: 28
Country: USA

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, this would-be pro wants to spread the sport of mountain biking to people throughout the Midwest. “I think if we can get some professional support and bigger brands in the area to be able to showcase what we have and have someone who’s passionate about it be able to tell the story of our area that would be wonderful”


Brody Van Unen

Age: 23
Country: Canada

This West Vancouverite was asked last minute to join the ranks of other competitors on the show, and dropped everything to make it to Big White in time. “I’m used to moving around almost every year. I never got super comfortable, never knew really what’s coming next and I think that plays a role in who I am – I’m pretty spontaneous. I like to go with the flow of things.”


Ares Maspi

Age: 26
Country: Andorra

Ares Masip spent some time volunteering in Greece during the refugee crisis, and upon returning home, became very sad, on the verge of depression – but mountain biking was, at first, her medicine. “At the time it was my way of getting out of the hole and moving forward. Now it’s my day-to-day life.”


Tarmo Ryynänen

Age: 20
Country: Finland

Originally a track and field athlete as a kid in Scandinavia, Tarmo had to switch to mountain biking to save his knees. “My father saw the flame in me and realized that’s the thing I want to do and I’m really happy they’re supporting me trying to push my limits and meeting my dreams.”


Brittany Falconer

Age: 26
Country: Canada

A national trampolinist turned mountain biker, Brittany lives with her son on Vancouver Island, making her the first mom to compete at the Academy! “It’s sort of a fluke I stumbled into mountain biking and it’s been such a good fit. It’s a way to turn off thinking all the things I have to do and i get to be myself. I don’t think you get it until you’re a parent how all consuming it is to just worry about someone else all the time, however it’s totally worth it.”


Timmy Fockenberger

Age: 19
Country: Austria

Timmy began mountain bike racing in 2019, and this year is his first international season. “I’m giving it my all to have this opportunity, and of course it’s hard work but hard work always pays off.”


Elliot Lees

Age: 28
Country: France/UK

Elliot Lees grew up in France, but he’s originally from the UK. He grew up chasing his older brother on two wheels, and understands being a mountain biker is a lot more than just knowing how to ride. “Even if you’re a good rider you have to be present on the social media side, you have to know what you’re talking about and know how to sell yourself and that’s kind of hard.”


Eric Olsen

Age: 23
Country: Washington, USA

When he’s not in school or racing, Eric Olsen runs his own small business making 3D printed bike parts. “When it comes to the current state of action sports, especially mountain biking, it’s cool how social media is changing the game – it’s a community worldwide. I enjoy how you can have competitive aspects and creative aspects and try to do it all... It’s a cool landscape, I think mountain biking is amazing for that reason.”


Mia Serratore

Age: 25
Country: Canada

This Kelowna-athlete used to cross-country ski race at a professional level, but through the intense goals and expectations, burnt herself out and left the sport. “That’s why I love biking, because it’s fun and there’s so much diversity with what I can do for training. I don’t really have that tunnel vision with goals and results, it’s purely for my enjoyment of the sport.”


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