Train Wreck Comedy is excited to return to Globe Cafe at Big White Ski Resort on Friday, February 23 with Train Wreck Comedy favourite and world record holder.

Straight out of Vancouver, Patrick holds the world record for Most Impressions Under a Minute—because why stop at one when you can have a hundred? He’s the brains behind Netflix’s “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” and snagged the title of “Vancouver’s Best Stand-up Comedian 2021.”

You’ve heard his hilarious voice on CBC radio and SiriusXM, but he’s not just about radio waves. Patrick made a splash on TV in 2011 with Bite TV’s Stand-Up and Bite Me and his Comedy Now special on CTV and The Comedy Network. Plus, he’s a national TV favourite, featured on CBC television’s broadcast of The Winnipeg Comedy Festival’s Characters Gala.

So get ready for an evening of non-stop laughs and the comedy event of the year; Patrick Maliha is guaranteed to leave you in stitches!

No matter how you slice it, Patrick Maliha is very funny and according to his Mom, “Funnier when he doesn’t swear so much.”

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