Mountains vs. Beaches – More Similar Than You Might Think

Posted On: April 10, 2019 |
Aussie day
For you, the mountains surrounding Big White Ski Resort may seem worlds away from the beaches that line the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. But, we like to think there are more similarities than differences, and we’ve come up with five reasons why you should think this, too. (But, as similar as we think mountains and beaches are, we wouldn’t recommend taking up valuable luggage space with flip flops and beach balls!)

1. Get Your Tan On
Whether you’re laying in the sand and reading a book, or ripping down a groomer on a bluebird day, you’re going to get some colour. To be fair, on a mountain, only the part of your face below your goggles and above your neck warmer will see the sun, but we think there’s nothing like a tanned face to give the illusion that the rest of you is equally bronzed.

2. Cold Bevvies are Essential
Soaking up sun or spraying up snow – either way, afterwards, you’re going to want a cold beer. At Big White Ski Resort, you can forget about getting sand in your drink, and enjoy an après-ski bevvy at one of our slope-side, outdoor patios. Plus, the snow will keep your beer chilled!


3. Aussie Accents Everywhere
Thirty-seven per cent of Big White’s employees travel from the Land Down Under, and another six per cent are Kiwis – meaning you’ll feel right at home from the moment you talk to someone in Central Reservations, to ordering coffee, to taking lessons. 

4. It’s Fun Getting Fit
Skiing and snowboarding are full-body workouts, so you’ll be headed back to the sun and warmth after spending a week or two working on that beach bod! Both sports are a mix of endurance and resistance training, and are great for circulation, balance, flexibility, agility and heart health. Depending on your weight, if you spend even a half hour pushing powder, you can burn between 220 and 260 calories. Did we mention the fat-burning potential of cold weather?

kids in snow

5. Build It and Bury It
Both the mountains and the beach are surrounded by water – ours just happens to be of the frozen variety. But, we’re certain your kids will have just as much fun burying one another in snow as they do in sand, and building snowmen as they do building sand castles!

Instead of getting barrelled in a wave in the blue room, come to Big White and get barrelled in powder in the white room. See you here! 

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