Kids Ability Levels

At the Big White Kids' Centre we run many different group levels for young skiers and snowboarders every day - from complete beginner to little ripper!

Please note: these descriptions provide the minimum requirements for registration in each ability level in a group environment.



Age: 3 to 4 Years
Ready Teddies - Kids Carpet
Ready Teddys
  • I know my instructors name and where to meet
  • I can balance and walk on 2 skis
  • I can straight run on my own
  • I can make a wedge and stop on my own with an Edgie Wedgie
  • I can ride the Kids Carpet safely


Eager Elephants - Magic Carpet
Ready Teddys
  • I know all the equipment I need to go skiing
  • I am a good listener and can follow instructions
  • I can control my speed and stop using a snow plow
  • I am learning to follow my instructors turns
  • I watch where I am going and look out for others


Speedy Squirrels - Plaza
Ability levels
  • I can put on my equipment without assistance
  • I am learning to stand up by myself
  • I can ride a chairlift when supervised
  • I can confidently ski without an Edgie Wedgie
  • I can follow my instructors turns wherever they go


Jumping Joeys - Green
Ability levels
  • I can stand up on my own
  • I can follow more challenging directions
  • I can ski in a class line on all green runs
  • I am starting to match my skis on gentle terrain
  • I know the rules for staying safe on the mountain


Racing Racoons - Blue
Ability levels
  • I ski intermediate terrain confidently
  • I use a pole plant to start my turns
  • I am improving my turns on bumps
  • I am continuously improving on blue runs and some black runs
  • I am improving my safety and learning the mountain


Contact us to register:

Direct: 250-491-6101
Toll Free: 1-866-491-9040

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