Get ready to test drive various snowboards from top brands and support a good cause through Big White’s Rental Shop. For a minimum donation of $20, which benefits Elevation Outdoors, an organization likely dedicated to promoting outdoor activities and environmental stewardship.

Elevation Outdoors

Discounts on Purchases:
Participants can enjoy a 20% discount on any snowboard purchased on the day of the demo. An even better deal of 25% off is available for those who purchase both a snowboard and bindings on the same day!

Sign-Up Process:

Waiver Completion:
First, participants need to sign a waiver at the Rental Shop's sign-in computers. This is a common requirement for activities involving physical risks.
Make a Donation: After signing the waiver, head into the rental shop to make your donation. This donation is what qualifies you for participation in the demo.
Credit Card Swipe: Completing a credit card swipe is likely a security measure or pre-authorization for potential rentals or purchases.
Armband Collection: Collect an armband after the donation. This armband probably serves as a pass or identifier for participants in the demo event.
Demo Tent and Experience: After completing the sign-up process, participants head to the demo tent to get set up with their choice of snowboard and then proceed to enjoy their time on the hill.

Conditions: The event specifies that the offers are not eligible for any further discounts and all sales are final, emphasizing the exclusivity of the discount and the non-returnable nature of purchases made during the demo.

Featured Snowboard Brands:

Participants will have the chance to demo snowboards from several renowned brands, including Bataleon, Jones, Never Summer, Nitro, Rome, Salomon, and YES.

Never Summer

How to Make the Most of the Event:

Research the Brands: Before attending, it might be helpful to research the specific models available from each brand to have an idea of what you want to try.

Arrive Early: Given the likely popularity of the event, arriving early can help ensure you get to demo the boards of your choice.

Prepare for the Day: Ensure you have all the necessary gear, like boots and appropriate clothing, to make the most of your time on the hill.

This event provides a unique opportunity to test out various high-quality snowboards and supports a good cause, making it a win-win for participants and the beneficiary organization.

Questions? Contact our team by email or call 250-491-6114.