Get ready for an exciting mountain quest that will take your ski or board experience to a whole new level.

It's time to ski, explore and piece together a captivating phrase while cruz’ing down the resort’s scenic blue runs. As the snow-covered slopes beckon, you’ll be equipped with a clue card, a map, your riding prowess, and a thirst for adventure. Your mission? To find and collect hidden letters scattered across the resort’s blue runs. Uncover each letter’s location, write it down, and reveal the secret phrase. But it won’t be that simple! At some of the stops along the way our Events Team will be there to challenge you with a riddle, puzzle or mini quest before revealing the letter required to complete the essence of your mountain journey.

Keep your wits sharp and observation skills on track and you’ll be rewarded with a sensational array of prizes. The harder you hunt, and the more letters you uncover, the greater the prize you can win.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to discover every nook and cranny of the ski resort while competing for fantastic prizes. Mark your calendar for December 27 & 28, gather your family and friends, and gear up for a day of excitement on the slopes.

Stop by the Activities Desk located in the Village Centre from 8:00am on event days to collect your clue card. Bring your clue card back to the Village Centre between 2:00pm - 4:00pm on December 28th, visit our Events Tent, claim your reward and enter for a random prize draw.