Loose and Lucy Moose are taking over Big White Tube Town every Friday night from 6:30pm - 8pm!

Invite them to ride with your group or challenge them to a race! Our mascots are always looking for a good time and friends to hangout with at Big White! Make sure to say hello with a high five or a hug!

Don't feel like tubing? Come down to the Tube Park, warm up by the fire and enjoy a free hot chocolate on us! 

Moose Tube Time will run from January 6th - March 24th 2023 - we will host one last event on THURSDAY, MARCH 30th, don't miss out. 

Tubing Passes and Information

Tubing passes can be purchased from the Tube Hut located in the Happy Valley Adventure Park. Find more information about Tubing at Big White please visit our tubing page.